LeCab Quickbooker


The Quickbooker allows your website and/or application to offer LeCab services through a web interface embedded in an iframe or a webview.


You need a preconfigured API key. If you don't have it yet, please request it directly sending an email at [email protected] .
The Quickbooker capabilities were setup when your account was configured with your sales contact at LeCab.


The interface can be accessed in 2 different environments, "test" and "live".
The test environment can be used for tests with no consequences on production (no real Cabs are ordered on pre prod) whereas the live environment should be used only once all your tests were conclusive as real Cabs are then ordered.

Beware: any bookings made on the live environment have to be cancelled (if necessary) in a very short time (<5min) or these will be billed.
We advise you call your LeCab contact before proceeding with tests on the live environment.

Environment URL
Test https://testapi.lecab.fr/index.php?c=quickbooker&version=2.02&apikey=XXX
Production https://api.lecab.fr/index.php?c=quickbooker&version=2.02&apikey=XXX

Note: please don't forget to replace the correct apikey value in the url.
Note: feel free to use the DEMO Quickbooker

Interface Parameters

The booking process is divided in 2 parts:

  • The price and ETA estimation depending on the requested services
  • The payment and booking confirmation displayed once an estimate was performed

"Estimate" parameters

Parameter Description
Pick up address Search field for the pick up address
Drop off address Search field for the drop off address
Your car The ordered car type/model
Date and time of ride Choice between a ride as soon as possible or at a specific date and time

Once validated, the form will display the pick up and drop off addresses along with the price and ETA if the ride is set to "As Soon As Possible".

"Confirm" parameters

Parameters Description
Last name Client last name
First name Client first name
Telephone number Client phone number
Receive the statement by email If the client wishes to receive the invoice by email, he has to fill his email address
Desired type of payment Payment mean used for this ride (Invoice, Cash or Credit card)
Card number Credit card number, if "Credit card" is the payment method
Card owner Credit card owner
Card expire date Credit card expire date
Security code Credit card CCV code

Interface customization

You can customize the "look and feel" of the interface. Please send us the necessary javascript/css to integrate (webhook)

You can also pre-fill the following fields by passing them when requesting the url (GET or POST both work) :

  • pickup
  • drop
  • lastname
  • firstname
  • is_asap (0 or 1)
  • date_book (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm)
  • payment_type (one amongst CARD_AT_DROP/CASH_AT_DROP/CARD/INVOICE)
  • phone
  • email
  • is_landed (0 or 1)
  • flight_number (string)
  • arrival_from (string)
  • arrival_time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm)
  • flight_time_pickup (integer between 0 and 95 and has to be a x5 multiple)
  • service (one amongst P508/VIANO/CRS/CRS_DELIVERY/FRANCE)
  • notes (string)

Please when populating these fields keep in mind that the following rules apply :

  • an invalid date will be discarded (reason can be a wrong format or, if the date is in the past)
  • if "is_landed" = 1, "flight_number", "arrival_from", "arrival_time", "date_book" are discarded, you'll have to use "flight_time_pickup" if you want to schedule a delay before the Cab arrival
  • when "date_book" is empty (or discarded) the "is_asap" parameter is forced to "1"
  • phone numbers have to be in the international format (+[country_code]xxxxx)

Known bugs

This version of the quickbooker has the following known bugs and/or missing features (we're working on correcting them) :

  • Better autocomplete compatible with keyboard navigation
  • Better/more precise error reporting
  • Javascript bug when filling/selecting addresses in pickup/drop off fields in certain contexts