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* This price is solely indicative. Only the price confirmed at the time of booking is guaranteed. The ride is for illustrative purposes only.
A fixed price
  • We quote the price when you book. Pricing is determined according to the distance to be covered (in kilometers) and not time-based - as is the case for taxi bookings.

Pre-bookings are
free of charge
  • You only pay for the ride.We don’t charge you for booking in advance.

A price with no surprises
  • Do you have luggage? Several passengers? The price of the ride does not change. Our sedans can fit up to 4 passengers and our mini can fit up to 7 passengers

A balanced rate
  • We adjust our prices according to your pick-up time; between 1am and 5 am, prices are reduced by 25%, during the week we raise our prices by 25% between 7.30 am and 9.30 am and between 6 pm and 8 pm.

A very attractive price
  • Unlike regular taxis, we do not charge the time it takes to arrive at the pick-up address. We also offer you 5 minutes of waiting time at pick-up.

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