3 ways to book LeCab

  • Via the Smartphone App
  • By phone
  • On the website
Getting around Paris easily

A simple and revolutionary idea

LeCab is the leading Parisian private driver service (VTC). Our company, founded in 2012, was created on a simple idea: give Paris an alternative to taxis and personal cars. Therefore, we created a service that we love to use: comfortable, reliable and affordable.

The price is fixed

at the reservation

  • The fare is calculated in advance according to the kilometers to be covered and the travel time. Even if the trip lasts longer, the price doesn't change.
  • The approach time is included in the price
  • 5 minutes wait are offered on arrival of the driver and 20 minutes at the airports of Paris.
A standardized fleet

Above and beyond the standard.

  • A fleet of Peugeot 508 sedans : understated and elegant, made in France, selected for their driving comfort.
  • Perfectly maintained : cars chosen for their strength and reliability, revised every 15000 km.
  • The same quality of service every ride : the same comfort, the same services.
  • Eco-friendly : vehicles and driving behavior.
An iPad on board

Only 700 grams but packed with amazing features.

  • bullet Your travel ambiance, à la carte: enjoy our wide range of playlists, magazines, newspapers, movie trailers and Ted talks.
  • bullet Internet access : available on the iPad.
  • bullet The TakeMeThere City Guide (by LeCab): our selection of the best Parisian addresses (restaurants, exhibitions, bars...).
  • bullet Grade your ride: and give us your feedback.
  • bullet The Photobox: make your ride unforgettable; take a picture in your Cab.
  • bullet Personalized welcome: Your name automatically appears on the iPad (both on board and upon arrival at airports or railway stations).
A smiling driver

Behind the steering wheel of every Cab.

  • Well accompanied: trained in our school, supported in the field by our regulators... our drivers can drive with peace of mind.
  • Without stress: service and working conditions created to reduce stress for drivers.
  • Pleasant and attentive: the drivers are selected for their knowledge of the private driver sector, but also for their professionalism.
  • The quality of our service: average customer satisfaction of 9,81/10 (thank you!).
  • Accredited by the prefecture:and benefiting from the “Transport de Personne” insurance (protecting them and our clients as well).
Become a customer

2 ways to use LeCab on a daily basis

Registered users.

Register and order your Cab (by telephone, on the website or via the LeCab App). Your booking is confirmed based on availability.

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Priority account customers.

Priority account customers. This status will allow you to benefit from a priority access: a Cab whenever you need.

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