Avoid waiting time charges when a driver comes to collect you from the airport

At the time of booking, you're asked to specify an arrival time. If you don't have checked luggage, the 20 minutes’ free waiting time included should be enough.
However, if you need to collect checked luggage or if you're coming from a non-European country, the time it takes to get off the plane, collect your checked luggage and clear customs may be longer.
To avoid having to pay for a wait longer than 20 minutes, we advise you to add a 20-45 minute waiting time.
It's very easy, you can do it in just a few clicks at the time of booking.

Your plane lands at 3 pm. If you don't request an additional waiting time, it's free until 3.20 pm.
With an additional 15-minute waiting time specified at the time of booking, it's free until 3.35 pm.

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