How do I cancel a booking?

You have the option to cancel your journey directly via the mobile app or on the website by accessing your dashboard, then your current or pending bookings.
You can also contact our call centre (available 24/7) on +33 (0)1 76 49 76 49 and specify your journey number.

Cancelling a journey is free until a driver is assigned for advance bookings (as per the sending of a text message saying ‘Your Cab is en route’) and until five minutes after booking for immediate bookings (as per the sending of a confirmation text message).

Once this period has passed, you can still cancel your journey, but you’ll be charged: €10 (inclusive of all taxes) in Paris and the inner suburbs, and €20 at airports and in other areas in the Île de France region.
For cities outside Île de France, the terms and conditions are the same as in Paris.

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