Update my personal information

Within the app, you can:
- change your phone number by logging out of your account, then logging back in and entering a new number
- enter and save your favourite addresses to pre-register them, allowing you to book more quickly
- add a new payment card or delete your old credit cards from your history

On the website en.lecab.fr, you can change your personal details by going to the 'My profile' section and changing your details under 'User profile settings'. Don't forget to save them to confirm the changes. You can only change your password on our website. This function is unfortunately not yet available on our mobile app.
To change your password, log in to your personal account and click on the 'My Profile' tab. Enter your new password in the space provided a little further down.

If you need to change your email address, please contact [Customer Services] via the form by selecting ‘Problem updating my personal details’.

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